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How Can a Press Release Benefit a Small Business?

Generating and distributing press releases is a very cost effective form of communication, meaning they are a valuable tool for companies who are looking to increase their customer base and revenue streams.

The use of online press releases can also help a business with its search engine optimization or SEO plan. The majority of online users locateinformation on the web through the major search engines like Google and Bing.

SEO techniques help ensure that a specific website appears at the very top of these search engine results pages or SERPs, where the most amount ofonline viewers will be able to click on them.

Studies clearly show that most people will only click on website links that are listed in the top 10 results of major SERPs.

SEO techniques help make sure that a small business’s website is going to appear at the top of SERPs. How exactly do online press releases help with a business’s SEO tactics?
Online press releases help to generate one-way links to a company’s website.

A business press release can contain the company’s contact information, including a link to their website. This not only lets the reader quickly and easily access the company’s
website, but it also makes the site very appealing in the eyes of search engine crawlers.

Search engines like Google and Bing use secretive algorithms to rank a specific website’s relevancy and importance, so that they can give the site a page
ranking. The higher the page ranking- the more search engine users are going to end up seeing the website.

The exact methods these crawlers use to rank your company’s website is a closely guarded secret, but we do know that the more links to your website- the higher the page ranking.

Website links appear in the text as underlined words. When the reader clicks on this underlined hyperlink they are immediately taken to the website.

There are two forms of website links. These are one-way links and reciprocal links.

  • One-way links are exactly what they sound like. They offer a one-way trip from the website the reader is currently on to the hyperlinked website.
  • Reciprocal links are links that connect two different websites. These usually occur when one website offers another website a link in exchange for the other website
    offering a link back.

Both types of links are valuable in the eyes of search engines, but one-way links tend to be of greater value to the crawlers.

The more one-way links to your business’s website you can put out onto the web the higher ranking your website will receive from the search engine’s crawlers.

Press releases are a valuable tool for any small business because they allow a company to generate an accurate news story that offers the reader a carefully crafted message.

These releases let you control what information you want to be publicised about your company. They also help you to generate interest in your company and create recognition of your brand.

These releases help ensure that your business’s website will receive more traffic and a higher SERP ranking. 

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